Bluesfest 2014

The sickly smell of B.O, spliffs and the occasional lentil burger fart wafts over me. My nose might not be having the best time but I don't care because my ears are in heaven.   ... Continue Reading

A step back in time

Took a drive south from Kilkenny and ended up in Ireland's oldest city. Waterford dates back to Viking times and was first settled in 914.   The Medieval Museum has an interesting collection... Continue Reading

A slice of medieval pie

Don't tell my mother but I spent the day walking in the footsteps of witches, prostitutes, thieves and murderers yesterday...and loved every minute of it.   A walking tour of the medieval city... Continue Reading

Doting on Dublin

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with Dublin.   From the moment I landed to the moment I found myself in a pub (research, honestly!) listening to an Irish band, the place has... Continue Reading

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