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Bench adds new Egypt product

Cairo Pyramids, Egypt

Bench International has revealed plans to expand its Egypt programs for 2013, including a range of enhanced new itineraries.
Bench’s general manager Martin Edwards recently met with Egyptian authority’s Dr Zahi Hawass in Cairo, to drum up some unique experiences for Australian travellers on Bench’s group departures next year. Edwards said the move comes after the company’s inaugural group tour had provided significantly positive feedback about the emerging destination.
“We’re looking forward to valuable word-of-mouth promotion– Crystal mountain, Kawiti, Egypt not with only Bench International but also for the positive promotion of Egypt as a safe destination to visit,” he said.
“We want to cover Egypt from top to bottom, from the Mediterranean city of Alexandria to the awe-inspiring temples of Abu Simbel.
“We will increase our presence with more cruising on both the Nile and Lake Nasser and will also look at new exclusive group tours sailing for 15 nights between Cairo and Aswan, allowing passengers on excursions to the lesser-visited sites of Middle Egypt. These are exciting times for Egypt,” Edwards said.

Published: 26 September 2012

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