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What Aussies like to do most on a beach holiday

And it isn’t sun bathing

Just when you thought we couldn't love a beach holiday any more – a new survey has found an increasing number of Australians are likely to take a seaside vacation in the coming year.


Polling the beach holiday habits of 11,165 adults worldwide, Expedia’s Fly and Flop report, revealed almost 70 percent of Aussies are likely to take a beach break over the next twelve months, up by 17 percent from 2013.


And our coastal habits are changing when we get there too, with only 33 percent of those polled favouring sunbathing on holiday, compared to the global average of 53 percent. Nearly half (41%) of Australians go out of their way to avoid sunburn.


With Aussies choosing not to simply lie on a beach, the study revealed we preferred to spend our time walking (71%) and reading (51%).


Surprisingly, while we may be considered a nation of swimmers, the survey found we are less likely to be found swimming (69%) than holidaymakers from other countries such as Austria (88%), Germany (86%) or Mexico (84%).


Instead, Aussies were shown to spend more time eating (50% more than at home), shopping (41%) and getting intimate with our partners (37%).


“Living in a culture which encourages outdoor recreation and with some of the world’s best beaches at our doorstep, it’s not surprising that Aussies like to do more than just lie on the beach when on holiday,” Expedia’s Louise Crompton said.


“We’re likely to be found sightseeing, exploring, indulging in good food and wine, and taking in our surroundings.”


And we’re more likely to be found on our own beaches as well, with most Aussies surveyed saying they favoured a domestic beach destination like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Far North Queensland over an overseas spot.


Interestingly, three in ten Australians said they would rather stay at home during winter than flock to sunny destinations nearby, with summer (44%) and autumn (31%) proving to be the most popular times we like to take a beach vacation.


If you’re into reading on your beach vacation (and a copy of Traveltalk Magazine isn’t lying around), then perhaps you’d be interested in renting a book from a beachfront library.


According to Atlas Obscura, beachfront libraries are a growing trend at shorelines around the world, but particularly in Europe.


What do you like to do on a beach holiday? Do you prefer to take a seaside break in Australia?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 July 2014

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