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Quiz 19: Stars and stripes

Here's our weekly brain-teaser.

Have a go at our 10 questions and see how many you can get right. Challenge your colleagues, challenge your friends...or just challenge yourself. Good luck.

A critical shortage of which product is affecting France right now?
In which state is Australia’s biggest shopping centre?
Where would you find the Rideau Canal?
According to Guinness World Records, what is the longest driveable road in the world?
By what name was Sri Lanka formerly known?
Port Louis is the capital of which country?
According to The Times Higher Education, what is the best university in the world?
The Stars and Stripes was designed by a 17-year-old as part of a school project.
Which continent contains the most countries?
Which Aussie celebrity allegedly had her identity 'stolen' by an airport paparazzo in Melbourne recently?

How did you do?

You got !

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