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AFTA launches training provider accreditation

Through its new AFTA Training Provider Accreditation, AFTA will better showcase and highlight Australia’s best travel training providers.

This week, AFTA Education and Training, the training division of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) launched its AFTA Training Provider Accreditation, developed with an aim to recognise and showcase Australia’s best travel training providers.


By achieving AFTA Training Provider Accreditation, training providers are able to keep pace with the latest industry knowledge and developments, improve graduates preparedness for industry workforce requirements, and make use of the AFTA Accredited Training Provider logo on their marketing collateral and shop fronts.


“As our industry continues to demand higher professional standards both locally and globally, it is crucial for our graduates to be trained by providers such as universities, TAFEs, private RTOs, industry training establishments and online providers, which are highly committed to quality in training and pledge to continue to align to our industry workforce needs, “ said Rick Myatt, Director of AFTA Education and Training.


“We believe AFTA Training Provider Accreditation will not only act as a seal of approval and a useful benchmark for learners, career seekers and training providers, but a point of reference for industry enterprises and recruiters seeking graduates who have gone through the best training outcome.”


AFTA General Manager, Gary O’Riordan, added, “The new AFTA Training Provider Accreditation is an excellent way for training colleges who what to be a part of the travel industry to show their support and be recognised for that in an ever more competitive training delivery environment.”


A valuable aspect of the scheme is that AFTA Education and Training acts as the link between travel trainers and industry employers, which will greatly improve the accessibility to potential employees with appropriate skills.


To apply for AFTA Accredited Training Provider Accreditation visit or email [email protected]

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Written by: Jessica Zoiti

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