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At a Tokyo travel agency, a robot will make you coffee

It seems Japanese travel agency H.I.S. Co has a thing for automatons. It’s already debuted a robot at its “Henn Na (strange) Hotel” in Nagasaki Prefecture, where women and dinosaur robots welcome guests; now, the Japanese travel giant will open a "Henn Na Cafe" at its flagship Shibuya store in Tokyo, complete with a robot that will make you a hot cuppa.


Image Kyodo News


The barista, which resembles a robotic arm, will serve drip coffee to customers whilst showing expressions of a person’s face on a screen and asking (in Japanese), "Hello. Would you like delicious coffee?"


According to Kyodo News, consumers will need to buy a ticket at a vending machine (of course, this is Japan) before ordering from a menu of seven items; the robot will then scan the QR code to serve them.


Apparently, it will take up to four minutes for the robot to serve one cup of coffee, which is priced at 320 yen (AU$3.60). 


"Using artificial intelligence, we want to make it learn smooth movements," an H.I.S. official said of the machine, which can also discard coffee beans and clean filters by itself.


When a hipster version that can prepare an almond milk, de-caf cappuccino comes on the market, it’ll look more the part.


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Written by: Mark Harada

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