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CLIA Australasia is helping TAFE NSW students fast-track careers in travel and cruise

In addition to helping ease labour shortages, the partnership is developing the next generation of accredited CLIA Masters.

L-R Peter Kollar, CLIA with Lindsay Campbell and Megan Catterall

A new traineeship program designed to help TAFE NSW students secure employment in the cruise and travel industry is being backed by CLIA Australasia to help ease ongoing labour shortages.

The education institution has joined forces with the cruise advocacy body to help graduates of the program secure employment with a CLIA member cruise line or retail agency specialising in cruise.

Under the partnership, students completing their Certificate III in Travel or Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism are being given the opportunity to parlay their education into hands-on training to develop their careers.

The partnership is already paying dividends, with CLIA Masters accredited and CLIA Award-winning agent Megan Catterall benefiting from the efforts of Lindsay Campbell, a 17-year-old graduate who is completing her studies while working as a Travel Assistant.

In addition to her formal studies, the partnership between CLIA Australasia and TAFE NSW means students will also be able to begin their CLIA accreditation through access to the CLIA Learning Academy.

Campbell said the cruise industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, so flexible study really helps to achieve balance.

“I started my traineeship right out of high school because I couldn’t wait to kickstart my career,” Campbell said.

“I was drawn to the industry because I wanted to help create lifelong memories for people and discover cultures of the world beyond my own.

“I can immediately put my knowledge into practice, revisit topics, and work at my own pace.”

In the aftermath of the pandemic, job advertisements for travel and tourism jobs hit a record high in 2022, with many going unfulfilled due to a lack of qualified candidates.

"This traineeship allows our members to grow and redevelop their workforces in the short term while investing in a pipeline of talented bookings, customer service, and reservation agents,” said CLIA Australasia Joel Katz.

“It’s great to see young professionals like Lindsay contributing to the industry and achieving great success,” Katz added.

“I am confident that she will continue to positively impact the industry in the years to come."

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Written by: Matt Lennon

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