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FRESH FACES: TravelManagers’ Leah McGrath

New TravelManagers Business Partnership Manager for Northern & Regional Victoria LEAH MCGRATH gives us her top travel tip as well as the item of clothing she never travels without.


Where is the last place you visited? 

UK and Europe. In the European summer last year I travelled through Spain and Portugal followed by a week in London. A highlight for me was Porto - such a gorgeous European city.  


Where are you going to next? 

Beautiful Hawaii later this year, spending most of our time on Kauai! 


Besides your passport, what’s one thing you always take on your travels with you? 

My swimmers. I absolutely love the water, so my swimmers are always the first thing I pack no matter where I am going.


Why did you join TravelManagers? 

I joined TravelManagers because I share their values. They encourage individuality, they care about their people and culture, and they offer flexible working arrangements, which is something that is becoming more appealing.  

TravelManagers is Australia’s biggest home-based travel business and the market leader, and I see the company having continued growth over the coming years - and I want to be a part of that.


Tell us something people might not know about TravelManagers? 

People sometimes think that by joining TravelManagers and starting your own business that you are no longer a part of a team, and you lose the company culture that you might be used to.

However since joining, I have realised our PTMs around Australia and in smaller areas all work as a team; they help each other out and there is a sense of community within them.


Tell us something people should know about TravelManagers?

TravelManagers has the most knowledgeable and qualified national support team in Australia with an average of 20 plus years industry experience. Their support is incredible.


What’s your top travel tip? 

Be spontaneous and always get to know the locals.


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Written by: Leah McGrath as told to Traveltalk

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