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Hero, Shark to speak at TravelManagers' national conference

Who's taking the stage at this year's event?

A Victoria Cross recipient and a 'Shark' are the keynote speakers at the TravelManagers national conference in Darwin in September.



Ben Roberts-Smith received the medal for his actions during a helicopter assault into Tizak in June 2010. He will be joined on the podium by Naomi Simson from the hugely popular Shark Tank TV series on Channel Ten.


"TravelManagers prides itself on previously having innovative and motivational speakers at our national conferences, who inspire our PTMs, providing relevant content and thought provoking open forum discussions," said Michael Gazal, TM Executive General Manager.


"This year we really have lifted the bar ever further. Naomi and Ben's incredible stories of success and tenacity to succeed are nothing short of awe inspiring and our PTM's are simply buzzing with excitement about this year's conference. We are confident this will be the best TravelManagers conference to date."


The conference takes place from September 7 to 9.


Ben Roberts-Smith
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