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How travel agents can beat burn out

Feeling tired and stressed just by doing your job? Here are some tips to keep you on an even keel from Travel Counsellors.

WITH THE pressures on travel agents these days, if you’re not careful you may end up experiencing burn out. 



The buzz nights may be fun, but the daily pressures of meeting targets can mean you have a lot on your plate. It is at times like these that caring for your wellbeing is incredibly important. Despite this, your mental and physical health can often end up on the bottom of your priorities, resulting in frustration, burn out and illness.


Prioritising yourself takes practice, but here are a few ways to stay well while kicking goals:


Look to your inner circle

The importance of receiving support from your family and friends can’t be underestimated but many of us aren’t good at asking for help. Instead of struggling to get everything done and ending up feeling exhausted, ask the people closest to you for help.


Set up boundaries (and stick to them)

Setting up healthy boundaries means that your work stresses don’t follow you home at night. Everyone is different, but some people have rules that work is only done in their working day (not on the laptop while in bed or on their smartphone while at dinner).

Others have a ritual of enjoying a family dinner at the dining table every night, with no work interruptions. And others don’t answer emails at all after 5pm (except for emergencies).


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Schedule regular breaks

With new clients to meet, phone calls to return, emails to answer and itineraries to put together, sometimes a lunch or coffee break may appear to be an impossible dream. Skipping meals or working non-stop for hours on end isn’t healthy.

Taking small breaks to enjoy a cuppa or making a conscious effort to take a few deep breaths will keep you on an even keel and promote a healthier work/life balance.


Move your body

Many travel agents tend to spend most of their day sitting at a desk, in front of a computer. Scientific studies have proven that sitting for long periods of time can have negative impacts on your circulation, digestion, respiration, bone health and mental outlook – so reducing your sitting time is paramount to ensuring you stay healthy and happy.


Plan an escape

You work in travel, so be sure to plan regular holidays for yourself. Whether you’d prefer a beach break in Fiji or a multi-day trek in Patagonia, having a decent break from your work is the ultimate way to recharge your batteries and refresh your outlook.

As a travel agent, your holiday will also see you experience a new resort or destination, so it’s a win-win for both yourself and your business.


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Written by: Traveltalk Magazine

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