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If travel agents are available 24/7, these folk have to be too

One of the big selling points of a travel agent is the lengths they will go to in order to make sure your holiday goes to plan. But things happen. So when your plane is delayed and you miss your connection and then your cruise departs without you and have to spend a night in a hotel in Miami, your agent can help -- even when they should be having dinner with the family.



Personal travel manager Leisa Burdette had clients who had their car broken into while travelling in France.


“My clients called me from the roadside minutes after the theft, extremely distressed unsure what they should do.  I advised that they drive to their hotel, which was 40 minutes away and by the time they arrived I had arranged for a free room upgrade with a nice view and sent all their travel documentation to the hotel so they could continue on with their holiday.”


Burdette also liaised with the insurance company and provided phone numbers for everybody they would need to contact.


There's no question Burdette is an awesome travel manager. But when you need to get chatting with suppliers as soon as possible, you need these suppliers to be as committed as you.


“Travel agents are working around the clock to ensure their clients’ needs are met, making it more important than ever for agents to work with suppliers they can rely on and who will be available to them and their client 24 hours a day,” Robert Ardino, vice president of sales at Auto Europe told Travel Market Report (TMR).


Successful agents are good at what they do and go the extra mile. For many, that means being able to help at all hours and solve problems quickly. But some agents feel that some suppliers are holding them back.


“We’re constantly available to our clients. That is how we would hope suppliers would work with us. We get stalled when we are told to call a reservations line,” Stacy Small, CEO and founder of Elite Travel International, told TMR.


“My agency is so busy that communicating via email is way more efficient than making me call in. I value a supplier who values my business enough to take the time to put something in writing and make it easy for us to share that with our clients,” Small said.

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Written by: Gaya Avery

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