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Infinity Holidays rolls out new digital brochure range for agents

The first two destinations in the wholesaler’s digital range have been released, with improvements to come in future releases.

The cover of Infinity's new UK & Europe brochure.

Infinity Holidays has introduced the first two destinations in its new digital brochure collection, designed to showcase available product and package itineraries for the trade.

The first two destinations - South Pacific and UK & Europe are now accessible to agents through the company's website, providing a convenient option for online viewing or downloading.

Infinity Holidays General Manager, James Whiting expressed enthusiasm about the long-anticipated launch, saying the introduction of digital brochures was a significant milestone for the recently reinvigorated wholesaler.

“Our commitment to delivering top-notch wholesale travel solutions is evident, and this step underscores our position as a comprehensive service wholesaler,” Whiting said.

“In response to market expectations, we aim to provide brochures and marketing collateral that effectively showcase products and experiences to our customers.”

Whiting emphasised the environmental advantages of digital brochures over traditional printed materials, noting that they are not only eco-friendly but also more accessible and easier to keep up-to-date with the latest hotel and package information.

“The future opportunities with digital brochures are endless,” Whiting added.

Whiting hinted at future iterations that will feature embedded links, allowing users to seamlessly transition from the brochure page to the booking screen in HELiO. This innovative approach promises a dynamic and engaging experience for both agents and customers.

Furthermore, Infinity Holidays introduced an enticing incentive for agents using the AtlasHotels range, identifiable by a distinct logo on each participating hotel.

Whiting shared: “Agents can earn an extra 1% commission on every booking with our top-selling, curated collection that includes exclusive inclusions. Keep an eye out for the logo as you scroll through the properties in the brochure.”

The South Pacific and UK & Europe digital brochures are currently available, with Asia, Australia, Canada and USA & Mexico set to join the lineup in the new year.

As Infinity Holidays continues to embrace digital innovation, travel agents can anticipate a future filled with interactive and rewarding experiences for themselves and their clients.

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