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Interview: why Excite is made just for agents

Here, we talk to Excite Holidays Global Sales, Product Contracting & Operations GM ANDREW YELL, about the company’s continuing love affair with agents.


What is your key strategy these days and how does it vary from years past?

We value the importance of the trade at Excite Holidays and our strategy focuses on helping our agents grow their businesses.

Our motto is ‘Made for Agents’ and we always look to put the agent first in everything we do, from our product contracting to our technology development and marketing efforts. Our business functions are all working towards this common goal.


What can agents expect from your product offering?

We sell an enormous range of product across destinations all over the world. We have more than 300,000 hotels, 100,000 activities and tours and transfers in more than 100 countries.

We want agents to know that they can find the perfect product no matter where in the world their clients are going. We give agents the choice to find the right product for their customers with flexible conditions depending on their needs. We really do have the world covered! 


What are you offering that’s a little bit different?

One of our strengths of having a large product range is that there are some really interesting options for both our accommodation and tours.

We have castles in Ireland, traditional Ryokans in Japan, converted silos in New Zealand and even an Italian hotel that is built into several caves.

We have activities to satisfy all tastes, from adventure and cultural to food-orientated activities. Our more unique and exotic tours include multi-day safaris in South Africa, caving adventures in Iceland, Game of Thrones tours in Croatia and swimming with pigs in the Bahamas.


South Africa


What’s your ‘tried-and-true’ mainstay offering that clients continue to love and why do they love it?

The USA has long been a big destination for us, as well as Europe - Italy, France and UK have been popular destinations for the summer. Our activities in Europe have also been popular, particularly some of our ‘skip-the-line’ tickets for major attractions.

In recent years, our domestic offering has grown from strength to strength and we are selling more into Australia than ever before.

From an activities perspective, we are seeing growth in tours in Japan, where we offer a wide variety of cultural and day tours like traditional Geisha experiences, tours of the famous Tsukiji fish markets and the always popular day trips to Mount Fuji by bullet train.


Are you modifying your offerings to accommodate the desire many consumers have to ‘live like a local’ and to have ‘authentic’ experiences?

This is an important trend, one that is normally attributed to Millennials and Gen Z, but we believe authentic ‘live like a local’ experiences are sought out by travellers of all ages.

We are definitely seeing more interest in some of our experiences that allow visitors to immerse themselves in a local culture.

This is where we hope to really support our agents with quality content on our dedicated agent hub, Excite Engage, where they can find great experiences to pass onto their clients that will add a little extra to their service.


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