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More Aussies are depending on travel agents: poll

Agents more trusted than ever

Four in five (79%) Australians now view agents as ‘a trusted source of travel and safety advice’, according to a recent study by travel insurance and assistance firm SureSave.


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The 2018 SureSave Travel Insurance Index shows trust in agents grew by 5% over last year and has grown 22% since SureSave’s first study in 2012, when 57% of respondents viewed agents favourably.


“Each year in Australia, we are continuing to see an increased number of travellers turning to agents,” SureSave head of agency sales Matt Endycott said.


“Travellers place a high importance on agents’ specialised knowledge in order to book travel plans, organise complex itineraries and receive information on travel insurance.       


“Our research continues to uncover insights into Australian travellers’ perceptions of agents and sheds light on their travel habits. 


“We are seeing a considerable jump in the general public’s positive perception of agents. 


“Overall, travellers really want to maximise the expertise provided by agents.”


Underlining this, the study found that four in ten (41%) Australians used a travel agent to book their last trip abroad, with one in five (21%) of those saying “it’s convenient to book everything through a travel agent”.


One if five (20%) more said “it’s easier to book through a travel agent when booking complex itineraries”.


Additionally, one in four (27%) Aussies sourced their travel insurance policy for their most recent leisure trip through a travel agency.


“At SureSave, we aim to ensure that agents are at the forefront of travel insurance and stay well informed so they can confidently provide information to customers that best suit their needs,” says Endycott.


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Written by: Mark Harada

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