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Rising scam levels leads AFTA to brief advisors on payment security

An upcoming webinar will focus on common scams in the market, how to spot them and how to handle the aftermath.

Scams are on the rise, with travel advisors needing to stay on their toes.

Travel advisors are being urged to log in to an upcoming AFTA webinar to learn more about payment security and the prevalence of scams in today’s economy to protect themselves and their customers.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Australians lost more than $568 million to scammers and hackers in 2022.

Joining the AFTA team on the webinar will be TravelPay General Manager, Kevin Butler, who led the launch of the company nine years ago and holds nearly two decades of experience in the payments industry.

Key topics will include how to handle credit card chargebacks, modern payment and digital accounting practices, secure storing of credit card and personal information, managing refunds, common problems with international cheques and merchant fees.

The session will also alert advisors to common scams in the market such as invoice hackers, who navigate into IT back-end systems to change supplier account details to their own. Viewers will be briefed on the key signs and red flags to watch out for when managing their clients’ money.

AFTA Chief Executive Dean Long said this webinar is crucial viewing for all travel advisors processing payments to ensure they understand regulations, compliance and best practices.

“With such high rates of and millions of dollars lost to fraud every year, it’s important for our members to be aware of the dangers of scams in the travel sector and having the tools and knowledge to guard their businesses against fraudulent payments,” Long said.

The webinar will take place at 4pm on 23 May and is free to ATAS members. Non-members may also join for a fee of $50 per person.

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Written by: Matt Lennon

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