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Selling domestic 'extremely difficult' for agents, but it can be done

How travel sellers need to adapt to local tourism

Is Domestic the D in DIY? Not necessarily. Travel agents can successfully sell domestic and doing so enable an easier transition to international sales, says an industry expert.


According to Agents of Influence founder and travel producer Jeremy Drake, when it comes to booking domestic, travel agents have “educated” their clients to click and book online because there are few benefits and the commissions are so low.



But when we’re not allowed to travel anywhere else (and some state borders still haven’t opened) to ensure their survival, agents have to change.


Introducing the Agents of Influence


Selling domestic travel is “extremely difficult” Drake told Traveltalk.


“However, in a post-COVID travel world, agents need to become the pioneers of new destinations in our country and not just sell the cookie cutter holiday packages.” 


“Agents need to become designers and experience ambassadors. They need to work with DMCs and destination offices who have unique offerings.” 


“This is where the opportunity is and if they can nail this domestically, they'll transition internationally once it returns.


Drake predicts that Australians will likely be wary of where they spend their money and demand safety first.


“With a post-COVID agent, you won't only get financial protection, you'll also have the peace of mind that wherever you're booking will have a reputable COVID-safe environment for you and your family,” he remarked. 


“Agents will need to check (only by visiting) that a domestic operator is also following proper health protocols and they're prepared to be flexible in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.”


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Written by: Gaya Avery

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