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Taking the Travel Counsellors brand from 'Good to Great'

Annual conference underway in Gold Coast

Focusing on taking the brand from ‘Good to Great’, the annual conference for Travel Counsellors Australia kicked off today. Running from May 20-22, the conference program includes an inspiring mix of influential guest speakers and presenters and will be attended by Travel Counsellors agents from all over Australia, special guests from the Travel Counsellors management team located in both Australia and the United Kingdom, head office staff and trusted suppliers, sponsors and partners, including headline sponsor Travelport.



With the Gold Coast’s luxurious Palazzo Versace chosen as the venue for the conference, this highly anticipated event is the biggest event of the year for Travel Counsellors Australia. With Travel Counsellors agents operating from home offices located all over Australia, this conference gives the network of home working agents a chance to connect with each other and head office staff in person. It also gives suppliers and partners a chance to meet and mingle with agents and head office staff, share ideas and celebrate in each other’s continued success.


Taking the Travel Counsellors brand from ‘Good to Great’ is the focus of the conference and with inspiring guest speakers sharing their knowledge over the course of the weekend, the team are guaranteed to receive plenty of motivation and inspiration. A gala dinner, awards presentation and range of speeches and workshops ensures the weekend will be a fun, informative one.


David Hughes, Managing Director of Travel Counsellors Australia believes that this year’s conference will be Travel Counsellors’ best yet.

"I’ve been looking forward to this event for many months now. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the Travel Counsellors family to get together to celebrate our shared success and plan for the future," Mr Hughes said.


"With directors from the UK visiting, it gives us an opportunity to share with them how well we are performing and introduce them to the incredible team we’ve built in Australia. As the theme of the conference is going from ‘Good to Great’, we’re all keen to learn how to build on the success of what we’ve created.


"Collectively, Travel Counsellors agents and head office staff want to continue to offer something special to our clients and take our business to new heights in the future. This conference is an important part of our growth plan, as we’ll be celebrating our significant achievements as well as setting clear intentions for where we want to be in the years to come."


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