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The question travel agents are no longer asked

Some are calling it the golden age of the travel agent. Travel agents say they’re just crazy busy. 


"Before the pandemic, we used to get questions all the time about, 'Oh, travel agents, do those still exist?'," Thomas Carpenter, cofounder of Huckleberry Travel told Business Insider. 


"Since the pandemic, we don't get that question any longer," he said. 



Instead, it seems travel agents are the latest travel necessity for both those who have always booked through an agent and those who had never set foot in a travel agency. 


Jamison Bachrach, a travel advisor based in Rome, Italy for the summer, told Insider that he has "never been busier" in his 25 years in the industry. 


"I have people coming out of the woodwork from sources I've never seen. I'm happy about that," Jamison said. 


The use of travel agents has gone up while the number of travel agents has gone down, and those who managed to survive are busier than ever.



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