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THL introduces thl Content Hub

THL has been been busy curating some new content for its new Digital Asset Management Platform, and has now launched the new thl Content Hub.  


The thl Content Hub will replace the thl image library and will allow you to quickly access the latest vehicle specification sheets, fleet sheets, liability flyers, child seat information and more.



While product teams can see floorplans, vehicle information, images, why thl videos, campervan training videos, and B2B help, marketing teams can access beautiful images, new videos, social media content, logos, brand guidelines and then some.   


Some of the key functionality includes:   

  • Every asset has its own share link, which means if THL updates an asset by adding a new version, such as their Specification Tables, the link remains the same and therefore if you are using the link on your website you will automatically have access to the new version.  
  • Share any asset via a share link, embed link or email a recipient directly.  
  • Save your most frequent searches to revisit again and again. 
  • Create your own collections of content you use regularly and share the collection.  
  • A recipient of a collection or share link does not need to be a user of the Hub to be able to access it.  


To get started, go to Click on “Create Account” and enter the registration code PARTNER21. Follow the prompts to set up your own password.  Once you have done this, you will be able to head straight into the thl Content Hub for future logins.  And please share this with your teams. You will also see the 22/23 Collateral is now available, including the Specification Tables, Fleet Sheets, Rental Agreements, Liability Reminders, Extra Hire Items, Camper Inclusions and Child & Booster Seats Guides.   


If you have any questions about using the thl Content Hub, email [email protected]


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