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Travel agent shares gut-wrenching “all-time low”

Things are looking up for the travel industry. But when you’re looking up from the bottom, you know there’s a ways to go before you can reach the top. 



17-year industry veteran Belle decided to open her own travel agency — three months before the pandemic hit.


To keep her business afloat during our closed borders and snap lockdowns, Belle and her family have eaten through their savings, The Advertiser reported.


Last month Belle sold her car with hopes that the move would give her enough to keep her business open. 


Yes, our borders are now open, but Belle says the move has made little difference as travellers are mostly visiting friends and relatives, rather than booking tourism activities and staying in hotels. 


While Belle thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. 


“My daughter told her teacher she didn’t have lunches that week because she didn’t want to take food out of the fridge, as mum had lost so much weight and her brother and sister ... needed it,” she told The Advertiser.


“That was an all-time low for me. I felt like a crap mum who couldn’t even feed her ­babies.”


Belle, who is today meeting with Federal Tourism Minister Dan Tehan and Finance Minister Simon Birmingham in a tourism round table hosted by The Advertiser, said there are still no leisure bookings coming her way and she is “hanging on by a thread”, waiting on details of a promised support package for travel agents.


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