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Travel Counsellors brings fresh ideas, inspiration to national training roadshow

Initiative hits Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide

The Travel Counsellors head office team recently travelled around Australia delivering a series of training roadshows aimed at educating and informing Travel Counsellors agents working from home on their own travel enterprises. With a strong focus on sales, the roadshows were well-received by Travel Counsellors agents looking to refine their sales processes in order to grow their business. 



Delivering roadshows in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane throughout the first half of February, the Travel Counsellors head office team presented an informative program aimed at driving sales, especially through the innovative quote and book system called Phenix.  Created in-house by the Travel Counsellors team for the Travel Counsellors team, Phenix is unlike any other currently used within the travel industry. Allowing agents to book a wide variety of world-leading travel products including hotels, cruises, flights, transfers and activities, the platform also enables Travel Counsellors to access highly competitive direct rates, creating bespoke itineraries and acting as wholesalers themselves.


The essential training sessions covered a wide variety of topics including how to get the most out of Phenix, the psychology behind the purchase cycle, closing sales, upselling and the importance of relationship management. Hosted by a team from head office, the training roadshows were not only informative but also motivational for many attendees.


“I got so much out of the training roadshow – I’m really glad I went along. I like to think I already have a good understanding of sales, however this training session exposed me to many new ideas that I’ll definitely use in my business. I learned lots of tips and tricks that will help me get the most out of Phenix and I also learned some nifty ways to upsell that I’d never considered before,” says Ellen Hooper of Queensland. “I also got to connect in person with other Travel Counsellors, so that was a great part of the day. The flexibility that working from home offers is so valuable, but events like this are also important as they bring Travel Counsellors together so we can share ideas and news in person.”


David Hughes, Managing Director Travel Counsellors Australia comments, “With Travel Counsellors agents being located all over Australia, training roadshows such as these are an integral part of our business. The roadshows were all incredibly well-attended – showing just how committed, engaged and hungry for knowledge our agents are. Created in-house, Phenix is a program unlike any other. Helping our agents to get the most of this unique program will translate into increased productivity, efficiency and sales. This is just one way that Travel Counsellors use technology to make our processes the best they can be,” says David.


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