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Travel Counsellors launches TC Welfare Fund, ups other support

The direct impact of Coronavirus on travel across the globe led Travel Counsellors to create a series of support platforms to help its business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past 12 weeks, the dedicated Coronavirus Information Hub has been a source of factual, verified and trusted information on the virus’ impact on travel, and includes FAQs, the latest airline and cruise updates, supplier policies and booking guides, as well as direct links to the World Health Organisation and country updates from the Australian Government. 


The dedicated ‘TC Support Package’, accessed via a digital hub, contains information and initiatives designed to help franchisees continue to run their businesses in the best ways possible during this period. As well as advice on budgeting and finances, the hub points to the opportunities available for individual Travel Counsellors to access Government support following the latest announcements on help for the self-employed, as well as lifestyle advice such as hints and tips on how to maintain a positive mindset, and useful resources on home schooling.



In addition, Travel Counsellors has increased its digital ‘TCTV’ programmes to form a schedule of daily shows to keep the company’s business owners and support team colleagues up-to-to date, with show presenters delivering the news via webcam from their home offices. Plus, virtual training programmes such as the TC Training Festival continue to deliver training and professional development opportunity to Travel Counsellors around the world.


Regional Managing Director Kaylene Shuttlewood explains, “It’s a challenging time for many business owners in the travel industry, but also an opportunity to show the difference we make to our customers and each other, and at Travel Counsellors we offer access to lots of support and advice to our TC’s through these challenging times. As many have said before – we’re all in this together.”


Recognising that the coronavirus crisis is causing financial hardship for an unprecedented number of people around the world, the TC Support Package also includes the launch of a dedicated Welfare Fund. Made up of contributions from the Travel Counsellors’ business, investors, directors and agents themselves, the fund is part of a larger suite of support that Travel Counsellors offers its agents. Set up to help business owners who may find themselves in financial stress due to the impact of Coronavirus on their income, application is open for any Travel Counsellor and the average turnaround time from application to distribution is just four days.


CEO Steve Byrne says, “Our corporate and leisure Travel Counsellor business owners and support team colleagues have been working tirelessly to support their customers over the last few weeks, ensuring they feel completely cared for during what has been a very unsettling period for many.


“It’s been wonderful to see the community pull together to help each other and their customers. There will be businesses boosted and careers saved over the coming weeks by being part of a supportive community and culture that enables people to come together virtually to support one another, as we look forward to the future and to continuously improving the support we provide to our business owners through our platform.” 


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