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Travellers Choice 2023 member survey returns a perfect score

The member-owned network is ticking all the boxes for its agents.

(L-R) Travel Design's Peter Emms and Angela Heyne with Travellers Choice National BDM, Graham Smith

Travellers Choice members have once again declared themselves ‘Satisfied’ or ‘Highly Satisfied’ with the group’s performance, with its annual survey returning a perfect score of 100%.

The company said it has received universally positive feedback from its members on numerous facets of its post-pandemic recovery effort, including its national conference held in Melbourne in November, communication strategy and its new membership model.

The survey found the model’s three tiers – Activate, Elevate and Accelerate - which sees members able to tailor their desired level of service and support based on the needs of their individual business, was a highly popular development that was clearly working well.

One concern continuing to sit at the forefront of members’ minds was the ongoing struggle to find quality staff to assist with ongoing high levels of customer demand.

Agents said the struggle was continuing despite the company’s TC Pro wage subsidy program, introduced following AFTA’s successful placement of ‘travel agent’ on the Federal Government’s Apprentices Priority List, which unlocks financial assistance for new recruits undertaking approved qualifications.

Travellers Choice Managing Director, Christian Hunter, said recruitment of quality staff was a primary concern not just for its members but for the company as a whole.

“Finding new team members remains extraordinarily difficult, and even when agencies are lucky enough to find someone, more often than not that person requires significant training,” Hunter said.

Another issue for members was the need for greater support from supplier partners, with Hunter imploring suppliers to look outside city limits more often and boost the resources available to regional areas and smaller states, where some of Travellers Choice’s most successful businesses were located.

Despite these concerns, Hunter said he was incredibly proud of the survey results, which showed member agents were pleased with the level of head office support they were receiving, particularly in terms of its Net Promoter Score.

“We recorded an NPS of almost 85%, which is remarkable.

“According to NPS creator Bain & Company, a score of 20 is great, above 50 is amazing, and scores above 80 are rare and only achieved by companies considered to be among the absolute best in their industries.”

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