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Why this wholesale company is giving agents cash

Forget rewards points. Eastern Eurotours knows that cash is king, which is why they’re giving agents rewards in the form of cold hard cash.

Called the Real Dollar Club, the travel agent incentive program is now open. As a member, agents earn back one per cent of each net booking made with Eastern Eurotours, Mediterranean Holidays and online hotel site, TravelRezmode.



It sounds pretty good to us so we asked Chip Popescu, Eastern Eurotours/Mediterranean Holidays Managing Director, how it works.


What is the Real Dollar Club?

The Real Dollar Club is a simple and most effective incentive scheme, purposely built for the Australian travel industry. It allows travel consultants to be part of an exclusive incentive program and earn attractive individual rewards. These rewards are paid in cash so the system is easy and transparent. Travel Consultants earn cash, not points!


Why was it created?

Whilst Eastern Eurotours/Mediterranean Holidays has been offering some of the most attractive agency commissions and rewards programs in Australia, there was a strong demand for individual rewards to be added to the company’s successful programs. The Real Dollar Club was designed to fill this void.



What benefit does it offer members?

Unlike other incentive programs, the consultant’s earning potential is unlimited and it is all cash available to use not points sitting with the supplier!


What distinguishes this product/club from others like it?

Other suppliers offer points! The question always seems to be: What are these rewards points worth and what are their limitations? Limitations come in several forms – the types of bookings that accrue points, the amount of points consultants need to claim prizes, the limited amount of prizes on offer to use points for, etc. These limitations are important, so consultants need to understand the programs well to make the most of their points.


How do members earn rewards/cash?

From the moment consultants book with Eastern Eurotours/Mediterranean Holidays or its online hotel site TravelRez, they start maximising their earning potential and the cash starts rolling in. As members of this exclusive club consultants can earn the extra cash whenever they book online, over the phone or combined online / offline


Are there restrictions on how clients can use their cash reward?

No restrictions whatsoever.


How does the club benefit your group of companies – Eastern Eurotours, Mediterranean Holidays and TravelRez?

It allows our organisation to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with our large agent following, to better reward both the agencies and the individual consultants who are directly promoting and selling our popular programs to the marketplace.


Find out more here.


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Written by: Jessica Zoiti

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