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Why travel agents should book their client’s pre-travel COVID tests

As travel agents move towards becoming a one stop shop for travel in a COVID world, it only makes sense that pre-travel COVID tests are booked by them (with commission, no less)!

It goes without saying that travel will be a more complicated, though desperately desired, creature in a COVID world. There will be more hoops to jump through, more forms to carry and more tests to take. 


Travel agents can hold their client’s (sanitised) hand through it all, including booking their pre-travel COVID tests for them. 



According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, to board a plane overseas, Aussies need to provide evidence of a negative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test taken 72 hours or less before scheduled departure.


But in the excitement of finally going somewhere, packing, planning your activities and so on, it can be easy to forget the small things. 


Travel, like hairdressing, in COVID times is not a DIY job. Just look at how many bad haircuts are out there right now. 


Travel agents have the opportunity to provide a seamless offering to their clients by booking their pre-travel tests for them. 


COVID TEST by Blue Powder Travel provides a simple process for travel agents to book pre-flight, internationally-recognised PCR tests which are accepted by all airlines departing Australia.


“Based on our experience over the past 18 months, passengers and agents often don’t know a pre-flight test is required, the type of test needed or how to get one,” Blue Powder Travel director Michael Cohen said.  


According to Cohen, people are mistakenly rocking up to the airport expecting a negative result from a free test from the local clinic will meet boarding requirements. It will not. 


“Our business will provide clearer information and an easy, seamless process for both passengers and agents.”


Travel agent partners can earn generous commission for every pre-booked test. On top of that, agents will have access to a fully branded, competitively priced product all with no overheads.


“You can trust us to ensure your test experience is hassle free and you receive your results in the time indicated and in the format required,” Cohen said. 


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For more information head to, email them or call 02 9907 1027.


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