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Family loses tens of thousands as agency goes bust

International cruise holiday left unpaid

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We love our travel agents. They get things done in a quarter of the time it takes us to do them, and at around the same cost (and sometimes even less). The human touch helps too. That’s why it really grates on us to hear of agencies doing the wrong thing.


The most recent reported incident of agent fraud in Australia has allegedly occurred in Southeast Queensland, where a Gold Coast family claims the money they gave a travel agency business never made it to the cruise company.



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With their holiday plans now in ruins, the GC family says the business collapse of Travel and Cruise Centre Runaway Bay has left them tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket.


According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, the family’s payments were supposed to pay for an overseas cruise. But two weeks later, they discovered the business had gone into liquidation.      


Travel and Cruise Centre Runaway Bay’s website cannot be reached.


Written by: Mark Harada

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