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How a fake travel agent stole $100k

UK woman ‘sold’ fictitious cruises

In an industry with already paper-thin profit margins, a woman posing as a travel agent made nearly $100,000 selling fictitious cruises.


Appearing in a UK Magistrates court, Brit Kay Hooper pled guilty to fraud by misrepresentation after prosecutors said she had set herself up to appear as a bona fide seller of holidays, specifically cruises.


According to the North Devon Journal, the 58-year-old sold around £55,493 (AU$97,800) worth of fake trips.


During the trial, prosecutor Lyndsey Baker spoke of the "sophisticated nature" of the crime and the "significant" degree of planning behind it, and told court the accused had even gained a travel agent registration number.



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Ms Baker also suggested the local magistrate’s powers weren’t sufficient enough to match the seriousness of the crime, with which the defence and judge were in agreement.


Ordered to appear in a Crown Court in October for sentencing, Hooper was granted unconditional bail.


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Written by: Mark Harada

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