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How does your salary stack up against US agents?

New poll shows US agents earn more than the average worker

It seems travel agents in the States have it pretty good. A new survey by US site Hot Travel Jobs has revealed the average salary for American leisure agents to be US$46,101 (AU$60,000+). Ok, so it’s not a fortune, but it is above the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ reported median wage (for Q4 2016) of US$44,148.



The annual survey asks travel professionals for their opinions on working conditions and sentiments in the industry. But in this year’s study, for the first time, it also asked the question of remuneration, and of the over 700 travel professionals polled, more than 85% volunteered compensation information. The resulting figures were an average of base salary, commission and bonuses.


According to the poll, agents in the US northeast and southeast were compensated the most, earning on average US$50,000 (AU$65,920) and US$49,000 (AU$64,600) respectively, while those in the northwest (US$30,667) and Mid-Atlantic (US$31,500) were worst off.


Corporate agents fared better than their leisure counterparts, earning a median salary of $47,814 (AU$63,043), which was up 25% in 2016.


While four in ten (39%) travel agents viewed their compensation as “below average”, two-thirds of agents (67%) said they were satisfied with their jobs. 


Figures vary between $40,000 and $55,000 for an average Aussie agent’s wage, but even taking the higher figure, it’s still well below the median Australian salary (as per the Bureau of Statistics for Q2 of 2016) of AU$78,832.


Luckily, most travel agents we know didn’t join the industry to make big bucks, but for the love of the work…


Written by: Mark Harada

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