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How playing music in your travel agency just got easier

There are many travel retailers out there who play music in their stores but may be unaware they need permission to do so. But this will help...

Slashing administration time in half, an initiative launched today, branded OneMusic Australia, consolidates music licence transactions with Australia’s two music rights management bodies PPCA and APRA AMCOS.


OneMusic Australia will allow businesses to establish and maintain their licence in one place and online giving greater transparency to the process of music licensing. This breakthrough product offering is the result of extensive and ongoing consultation with the consumer retail and service industry as well as business-to-business service industry and others over the past two years.



There is a bespoke Retail and Service Providers licence scheme to cover the entire retail industry - music used in the premises of goods retailers such as a fashion stores, newsagents, convenience stores, home-wares stores or stationers. It also is designed for service businesses such as hair and beauty salons, masseurs and physiotherapists plus retailers who sell goods and services such as a motor dealers or optometrists. Small-scale dining businesses such as takeaway outlets or food trucks with seating for less than seven customers will also be covered under this scheme.


The user-pays offering provides seven options to add to a ‘shopping cart’ of music licence cover. Retailers can opt for cover if they have background music, featured music, music videos, website music, music in their car parks, workplace music or telephone on hold music.


A retail business of less than 51 square metres of ‘customer space’ (not including back rooms) with just a radio or television on need only budget for $85 a year for music licence fees.


For the increasing majority of retailer and service providers using a personal streaming service to play music in-store or on the premises there is an easy, bundled Gold package that not only covers this digital copy/delivery music use (see note at end) which requires a licence but also permits an unlimited number of devices playing music - from a commercial background music supplier, Video On Demand, TV, radio, CD or vinyl records. This allows a medium retailer to create different ‘music zones’ and obtain maximum value from their licence.


The retail and service providers licence scheme also offers featured music licence fees of $12 per ‘featured-music-day’ to further encourage and educate the sector on the use of featured music as a profit-booster - worth-of-mouth, customer experience and customer spend.


The introduction of the OneMusic initiative coincides with a deeper understanding by Australian retail businesses that the right, commercially-popular music played for the benefit of customers and staff can support their brand and reputation at the same time as boost their bottom line.


APRA AMCOS Chief Executive, Dean Ormston, said, “A simple, single, easy-to-use system will significantly reduce the administration burden for everyone.


PPCA Chief Executive Officer, Dan Rosen, said, “This is an important initiative which allows us to continue our work in supporting innovation and creativity for the Australian music industry.”


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