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The best travel agency in Australia?

With its view over Hyde Park and proximity to (what was then) Sydney’s best laksa, I thought few travel companies could boast a better location. But this travel agency beats all.

Travel agencies have gone all hipster. I know this because I accidentally wandered into one to buy a vintage poster, only to realise (after confusedly wondering why a poster shop would be offering me a latte) that I was actually in a travel agency.



But fancy coffee machines and cool decor aside, there is an Aussie travel agency that takes the cake in cool.


Ben Deering’s office has no toilets or air conditioning, and despite his position on an upstairs level, there’s no elevator. So why is it so special, you ask?


Deering’s office is in a century old tower built into the side of an old volcano, 190 metres above sea level.


"You can't really get past the view," he told the ABC.


"It's not normal to have a sinkhole that's on the side of a volcano, which has a lake in it and a tower on top with this view. It's really, really special.”


As well as being a travel agent, Deering is the new caretaker of Mount Gambier’s Centenary Tower. 


"I've got power, I've got Wi-Fi so my job runs fine," he said.


"Probably the only thing it's missing is a toilet and everyone wonders about that … but I'll let you figure out how nature works on your own."


Deering moved his job (not to mention his family) to take the role of caretaker after the position was left unfilled since 2016 and the tower was subsequently closed to the public. And while Deering can’t guarantee how long he’ll stay, he hopes to raise the tower's tourism profile — of course, it wouldn’t hurt if he gets a few more local clients too.


"It's a stepping stone to really putting this place on the map from a tourism perspective, and letting so many people appreciate what we have here," he said.


"I really think people will come from all over the world to see it.


"I have been dubbed as having a castle as a work office, and when you look at it from the outside it's pretty hard to deny."


Do you know of any other really unique (or just cool) travel agent locations?


Images ABC Supplied / Ockert Le Roux


Written by: Gaya Avery

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