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When something goes wrong, and you’re far from home…

Have you ever had clients travelling and something went wrong? Things can happen and as an agent on the other side of the world, you can feel quite helpless. UK Travel Counsellor Kate Hayes found herself in this situation when her client reached out to her after her son fell ill was rushed to hospital to undergo a series of tests when they were travelling in Australia.



Desperate to help, Kate first contacted the 24/7 Global Duty Office. This team work around to clock to keep ahead of world events and provide crisis support to the clients of over 1,700 Travel Counsellors. They were brilliant in rearranging the families travel and contacting the insurance company.


Kate then reached out to the global Travel Counsellors network to see if any of the Australian based agents could help. Queensland based Travel Counsellor Hayley Voll responded straight away, “I’m here Kate, I can help. I can do whatever you need me to do”. From this moment, Kate and Hayley worked together to support the family through a time that was very frightening for them, especially so far from home.


Justine Williams certainly did not expect the support they received, “The help that we were offered was just incredible. Once the booking was made, I thought that was it… off you go, have a nice holiday. But the fact that they were there for us when we were away and in need of help was just fantastic. I would go anywhere in the world now with Travel Counsellors. You know you can call them and they are there to help you”.  


Click here to watch the full story.


As a Travel Counsellor, you are part of a global network of agents, working together as one global team. To find out more about the world of Travel Counsellors, contact the Careers Team on 1300 889 123 or visit the Travel Counsellors website.  


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