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When was your last famil?

Famils are one of the many perks of working in the travel industry, but getting invited on one can often be difficult to achieve and there is stiff competition for a place.

Whatever you call them… famils, fams or educationals…, they are, without a doubt, one of the many great perks of working in the travel industry. They offer unique opportunities to experience a destination, hotel, or product first hand, making you better informed and able to make personal recommendations to your customers.



So, when was your last famil?


As a Travel Counsellor, there are plenty of opportunities to earn your place on these fantastic trips, from supplier incentives to our own awards and rewards programs. And, thanks to our close relationships with our valued partners, many of our trips are exclusive!


In March 2018 alone, more than 20 Travel Counsellors joined famils! Some agents travelled to Fiji to take part in the Mega Famil, others stepped aboard Royal Caribbean for a taster cruise while award winning Travel Counsellors spent a week of R&R in Bali to celebrate their achievements.


Then, to top it off, there was the first ever multi-nation famil where Australian Travel Counsellors joined colleagues from The Netherlands on an exclusive famil to Thailand and Cambodia. Commenting on the experience, Australian Travel Counsellor Laura Dobson said: “This famil reinforced that we are an international company and having met and travelled with some of our Dutch colleagues, it will be easier to ask advice if I need it”.     


Last year, 10 Travel Counsellors jetted off on a on a 6 Day trip around the Mexican Riviera while 5 lucky challenge winners enjoyed a weekend in Singapore on exclusive famils.


Aside from the organised famils, Travel Counsellors are serial competition winners too! By attending industry events, increasing their knowledge and getting involved in product days, Travel Counsellors have taken away loads of places on famils and prizes that afford them the opportunity to experience a destination independently or with their families.


Famils are really not out of the ordinary in the Travel Counsellor world. With a pool of 150 Travel Counsellors, the possibility of going on one of these spectacular trips is not out of reach thanks to the solid and trusted relationship we have with our reputable suppliers and the support Travel Counsellors Head Office offers their agents that helps them do what they do best; sell travel.


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Written by: Travel Counsellors

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