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A new travel app designed for kids, by kids

New kids' travel app lets kids choose where to go and what to see.

Bound Round, a new series of travel apps for kids by kids, is set to launch its first destination app next month: Sydney.

The Bound Round series of interactive travel apps use stories, photos, videos and games and are designed to work on both iOS and Android platforms.

Kids can use the apps to discover – through play - all the fun things to do in their chosen holiday destination – and kill time on the journey there. The app can also be used by kids as an electronic travel journal that allows kids to capture and share their travel adventures and as an invaluable travel planning tool for parents.

The first destination guide, for Sydney, will be launched in December –  just in time for school holidays, with other destinations to follow in the New Year.

To ensure that the Bound Round content, and the activities and attractions chosen for each destination are absolutely spot-on, Bound Round is establishing a Kids Board of Directors for each destination.

Kids board members are asked to provide honest feedback on the guide and will produce a video telling viewers what they love about their home-town which will be included on the app as part of the “Meet a Local Kid” section.

By capturing if a child “had fun” in each Bound Round location, the apps provide parents with feedback from the kids on the activities they really want to do when they get there and then provides information on how to get there, opening hours and even discounts available only to Bound Round customers

Bound Round is passionate about the development of children and the provision of worldwide equality in education. It therefore feels natural for us to partner with the Room to Read foundation to help raise funds for the education of children in third world communities. 

Over the last 10 years over 6 million underprivileged children in Asia and Africa have benefited from Room to Read’s programs and their goal is to reach 10 million children by 2015. To help Room to Read reach their goal, we’re donating of 5c from every app sold to support this fantastic organisation!

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Published: 19 November 2012

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