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Create art while you sleep with the new Ibis Sleep App

Find out whether you are a tosser or a turner with the new Sleep Art app available to download free, which will create art while you sleep.

Sleep art created by Ibis sleep app for iPhone

Ibis, the hotel company that brought you the 'buttock-shaped plunger test' and the 'human roller test', today brings you the latest innovation in sleep technology.

The Sleep Art app, available for new generation iPhones and the iOS 5 and 6 operating systems, captures movement and sounds from your night's sleep and converts this data into virtual brush strokes so that when you wake your sleep is a work of art.

It is fun, easy to use and designed to create a 'happy sleep'.

Lisa Artis from the Sleep Council commented: "You can spend up to 3000 hours asleep every year and a quality night's sleep is key to maintaining our health and wellbeing."

To start the app, set the alarm clock and plug in your iPhone before placing the iPhone on the mattress. As you sleep, the app runs throughout the night recording the sounds, movements, vibrations and senses of sleep through the app's motion sensor.

You’re woken in the morning by Sleep Art's gentle alarm clock music and discover the work of art produced by his/her night's sleep. Sounds quite pleasant.

The work of art is stored in a virtual gallery so you can compare each night's sleep and even share it on Facebook if you so desire.

Ibis is the first economy hotel chain to offer an entertainment app but it is not the first time that the hotel group has developed a sleep-related product.

Last year, after months of 'buttock-shaped plunger testing', 'human roller testing' and a sea of experts including doctors, sociologists and 'bed boffins', Ibis launched the Sweet Bed™ by ibis - specially designed bed and bedding - to ensure a happy sleep for guests around the globe.

The Sleep Art app is the virtual realisation of the Sleep Art robot created for ibis by ACNE in November 2012, which painted live art works following a motion sensor monitored night's sleep in a specially created bed that toured across Europe.

Thomas Dubaere, Senior Vice President Ibis Northern Europe said, "A happy sleep is at the heart of the Ibis customer experience. We have rigorously investigated what ultimate comfort means for our guests and invested in unique beds to change their sleep experience.

The Sleep Art app is free and aims to bring a bit of entertainment to peoples' night's sleep wherever they nap and shows that Ibis can give the best sleep in the economy segment."

To view the latest Sleep Art from the app visit the ibis Sleep Art Facebook page and download the app here.

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Published: 4 March 2013

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