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Sabre Pacific Virtual Payments App

Virtual Payment is a Red App that’s seamlessly integrated into the Sabre Red Workspace. When you sell a hotel segment in Sabre, the Virtual Payment app launches instantly and does its thing.


Say goodbye to manual chargeback reconciliation – and the credit risk


Your corporate customers can now pay for accommodation with their own ‘virtual credit’. No need for them to have a corporate credit card, and no need for you to front their costs. Simply book their accommodation in the Sabre Red Workspace, and Virtual Payment handles all the payment and reconciliation details. Automatically.


Yep, automatically! It creates and sends the hotel vouchers as soon as you book. Then once the trip is fulfilled, it processes the settlement. So you don’t have to do any manual reconciliation, and you don’t have to risk late payments and credit card fraud.


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Published: 2 February 2015

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