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11 things to do before you travel overseas

Planning a holiday might seem like an easy thing to do: book a ticket, pack a bag, and fly away, right? Not really.

A lot goes into making a vacation carefree and enjoyable, and most of the work is done ‘behind the scenes’ so that you have a good time. So what do you need to do to plan a fun-filled holiday?



Do your research 

Before getting all worked up for a trip within Australia or abroad, it’s essential to do your research on the location you plan to visit: the type of place it is, travel restrictions, and general rules and regulations. All of this information will help you gather the right documents for your visit. 

Tourists can also be ignorant of a region’s cultural norms and etiquettes, and unknowingly offend the local people. Study accordingly to avoid that too.


Plan your trip 

Now that you’ve done the necessary reading on the location you’re visiting, start planning your trip. Make a list of all the places you want to see, like the famous spots and less well known local favourites.  

Make sure you also take breaks and include rest days in between because travelling every day will get exhausting. 



With your research and plans complete, it’s time to take care of the most critical part of any international vacation: passports and visas.

Your passport needs to have a validity of more than six months before and after you arrive back in your country to ensure you don’t get stranded abroad. 

Another important thing is to print out all of the documents and make copies of them, distribute them among your closest contacts, so they know your whereabouts in cases of emergencies. And keep copies for yourself and your family members travelling with you. 


Plan your budget 

Whether you’re booking through a travel agent or managing your own bookings and flights, plan your budget first.

One can’t stress enough the importance of getting your finances sorted. Most importantly, it will reveal if you really can afford a trip or not. 


Travel money or credit card 

Get a travel money card or travel credit card. A travel money card can be a better option since it is what local businesses often prefer.  

Moreover, this option will allow you to exchange currencies with fewer conversion costs and international transaction fees. 


Travel insurance 

The most important task after sorting out your finances and documents is getting travel insurance – if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel at all, it’s often said.  

Worth the extra step, insurance usually covers all emergency expenses and also helps you avoid paying out of pocket while you’re travelling. 


Check weather and pack 

Before choosing a destination, learn about the country’s geographical features and climate when/where you’ll be traveling. This will help you pack, stay organised and be prepared for almost any eventuality. 


Keep devices up-to-date 

Carry all the gadgets you may need on a trip and make sure you charge them before leaving.

Since you’ll be travelling abroad, chances are that various websites and content will be blocked; but get a VPN and you’ll be able to switch to your favorite Netflix version from anywhere. 


Health check-up 

Remember to have a round of medical check-ups before you travel, and get any vaccines you may need. Keep a record of all of this and your medical history (on paper) as well, just in case. 


Travel kit for emergencies 

Pack a handy kit that includes all of the necessary medical supplies you may need like bandages, disinfectant wipes, basic painkillers, and some safety items like a torch, map and portable phone among other things. 

Also, keep note of all of the emergency numbers of the region you’re travelling to. 


Arrange your affairs at home 

Get all of your things sorted before you travel; it will save you tonnes of money and won’t keep you worried while you’re off on a nice long vacation. Things you should consider doing include: 

-Halting your mail until you arrive home

-Making an advance payment on rent if your trip is longer

-Getting a sitter for your pet/s and plants

-Sorting out or cancelling any memberships you may have


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Published: 20 October 2020

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