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3 in 4 women harassed while travelling

Seventy-seven percent of female travellers have said they have been harassed or mistreated while travelling, data has revealed.

Recent research from travel and expense management company, SAP Concur, found that nearly 40 per cent of female travellers also say they have been ignored by service workers and almost a third have been catcalled during a business trip.



“The concerning statistics around travellers’ safety, particularly women’s safety, need to be highlighted and addressed,” SAP Concur managing director ANZ Matthew Goss said.


“Employers must share some of the responsibility to protect the safety of business travellers of any gender.”


“Employers can help ensure the safety and confidence of their employees while travelling by implementing training, technology and other resources.” 


According to Goss, changes in technology and how travel is booked has made it harder for organisations to not only ensure employee safety, but to manage business objectives and maintain contact with travelling employees. 


While safety and effectiveness of travel are priorities for both employees and employers, SAP Concur’s research found that almost three-quarters of Aussie business travellers believed their company was behind in adopting the latest technologies to make travel easier such as corporate travel systems, and 50 per cent wanted to receive training from their employers on how to stay safe while travelling. 


Goss suggests organisations encourage employees to take advantage of the available information and apps when travelling, but that the organisations themselves adopt corporate travel systems to allow easy access to employees on the road.


“Organisations must implement strategies to help employees cope with the stress of business travel and further acknowledge that women are exposed to additional risks while travelling, including harassment and mistreatment,” Goss said.


“Now that International Women's Day for 2020 is over, it is important that businesses continue embracing this year's theme of  ‘an equal world is an enabled world’.”


“For organisations to successfully achieve equality for business travellers of both sexes, more needs to be done to ensure the safety of women.” 


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 10 March 2020

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