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5 key travel trends you need to know

Global tourism was brought to a standstill on account of the coronavirus pandemic. But by the end of 2020, many countries had at least kickstarted local and domestic travel and to a certain degree stabilised their economies.



So, with proper safety measures in place and careful planning, it is hoped people can start travelling again even more this year. If you're interested in gambling away your worries, you can absolutely rely on True Blue Casino. Or for a more relaxing getaway, you could consider spending your holidays near a beach. 


But before you do anything, be sure to familiarise yourself with the travel trends that will help you make smart plans this year. 


#1 Workcations Are The Best

In 2020, we witnessed the culture of “work from home” in full swing. With the lockdown, working professionals were forced to stay home and work. Still, there are plenty of industries that are following working from home culture to stop the spread. Travel experts have predicted that “workcations” are going to rise more than ever this year. It is the best way to change the monotonous home environment. You can take a workcation for a week, or month, whatever suits your mood. 


The best part of workcation is that your work will not suffer as you are already familiar with working outside your office. The only difference between workcation and regular vacation is that your workspace becomes the main luggage. You can take your laptops and all the work to your favorite travel spot, where you can twist your WFH experiences and also enjoy a much-needed vacation. If you want to make some extra income, you can pick an Australia online casino to win big time. 


#2 Embrace Simple Séjour 

2020 has taught us plenty of things, and enjoying the little moments in life is one of the greatest lessons. You never know what may happen next, so you need to learn how to embrace the simplest things in your life. So, for 2021, instead of going on fancy and luxurious vacations, it is predicted that people would prefer. Relaxing and soul-warming getaway. In a study, it was found that hiking and camping in secluded regions will increase this year. 


It is your cue to choose an unexplored destination, head to a rural landscape, and immerse yourself in the off-beat outdoor experiences. The travel mentality of people has been changed completely, and in the coming years, they will prioritize outdoor involvements more than ever. Book yourself a laidback holiday in 2021 that will keep you close to nature and give you an opportunity for introspection. Grab every opportunity to get out and enjoy the little things happening around you, even if it is spending time with your family. 



#3 Adventure Sports Are Still In Preference

For years, adventure sports have become the go-to reason for many travelers. Not only adventure junkies, but adventurous destinations are also preferred by regular travelers. This year as well, we can witness a throng of travelers towards the adventurous spots. The thrill and excitement will still remain intact as more and more people will plan their journey to adventurous destinations. 


Whether it is skiing or paragliding, people are choosing destinations that can offer them an adrenaline rush. In 2021 as well, you can witness plenty of travelers inclining towards adventurous activities. If you are new to adventure sports, it is important to prepare before you can plan your journey. It is not as easy as it may seem to take up an adventurous activity and choose a destination that can support it. You must conduct thorough research before you can conclude a destination and choose an adventurous activity. 


#4 Safety Will Be The Utmost Priority

Though countries have offered relaxation for travel, your health safety is still the most imperative aspect. Moreover, people have started recognizing the importance of safety during the pandemic. According to a travel study, 79% of travelers said they would be taking extra precautions when it comes to changing destinations. The remaining 21% admitted they would be avoiding traveling to destinations that are not safe from the COVID-19 perspective. 


People will avoid public transportation and choose private cars as a measure of safety in 2021’s travel journey. Airports are also meticulously conducting the checking process before they check-in or check-out travelers to maintain utmost safety. Wearing masks and sanitizing hands remains the primary safety measure for all. Your next year’s travel photos will be filled with mask covered faces. Well, that’s the new normal that we have become accustomed to. So, instead of canceling your travel plans, you just need to focus on your health and make travel plans that do not put you at risk. Countries are also issuing travel guidelines for travelers; it would be best to go through them before planning. 


#5 Solo Travel Will Continue

Are you among those people who enjoyed their holidays and weekend getaways in their own company? If yes, then you are going to see more of that. Travel studies have found that a majority of people have preferred solo trips in the past few years. Indeed, a solo trip has provided a different meaning to traveling altogether. Whether it is travel influencers or people seeking some solitude, everyone has voted for solo trips. 


As a result, solo trips were highly popular last year, and most travelers are planning to do the same this year. Maybe you also haven't explored places alone with your own company because that never seemed relevant to you. Now is the time to do that; this year, travel plans will definitely have some solo travel. Also, it is a safer option as you can maintain enough social distance. This year brings a lot of hopes and dreams for travelers, and going on a solo trip is the best way to savor those moments of ecstasy. It would also be a great idea to start from your home city that has often left unexplored. You can make a list of places that you will rather visit alone than with a friend, either for a month-long vacation or a weekend getaway. 


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Published: 20 January 2021

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