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5 money-saving tips for your next trip abroad

Australian research and financial comparison site, Canstar, has compiled five tips for saving money on your next overseas holiday.


Do your research:

When choosing a travel agent or booking flights and accommodation on your own, it pays to shop around.

So don’t accept the first price offered, as other agents or websites may offer a cheaper rate. 



Earn your points:

If you have a rewards credit card and you can pay it off in full each month, ensure you’re using it to purchase your flights and accommodation so you can redeem any points.

Some credit cards also have complimentary travel insurance, so it’s worth checking your card to see if this is available to you.


Get your travel insurance early:

Buying travel insurance just before you leave for your holiday and buying it 30 or 60 days in advance has little to no cost difference.

It may sound like an upfront expense you’d like to put off, though if you incur any unforeseen circumstances or need to cancel your holiday it may save you in the long run.

Aussies can use Canstar to compare suitable travel insurance options


Avoid peak travel periods:

Being flexible with your holiday dates will allow you to travel in off-peak times, which may significantly reduce the price you pay for flights and accommodation.

When looking at your preferred dates or times, always check a few days either side to see if you can get a better deal.


Consider a travel money card:

Some banks can slap you with a hefty ATM fee for overseas withdrawals, as well as a currency conversion fee.

To avoid this, you might do well to look at a travel money card. Travel money cards are specifically designed debit cards that you load with foreign currencies prior to travelling, ensuring you don’t pay currency conversion fees and can exchange your funds when the exchange rate is favourable. 


What money-saving tips do you have?


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Published: 10 February 2020

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