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5 reasons why you should consider a backpacking holiday

Travel search engine, recently launched a survey on Aussie travellers, which revealed that only 1 in 10 Aussies are planning a backpacking holiday this year, pondering the question, is this once-popular low cost travel trend on the decline?


Robin Chiang, travel expert and head of APAC flights at KAYAK catches over a 100 flights a year and has shared why backpacking needs to be brought back onto every aspiring traveller’s bucket lists, and the trending hotspots that should be visited by every backpacker.



1.    It’s significantly cheaper than regular travel


If you’re going to be out and about and covering a lot of ground whilst backpacking, it’s natural that you’ll be opting for less luxurious options like hotels but more on wallet-friendly accomodations. Also you will be using your feet to get the full experience of the place you’re exploring. With the added reality of limited shopping sprees since your backpack is already stuffed to the brim, you know you’ll naturally be more conscious of what you do and don’t buy. 


2.   You learn to live with less, and appreciate more


Backpacking means you learn how to pack and live with only the essentials for a period of time, and eventually  you will realise you don’t need much at all - and the best part is, when you return home you have a newfound appreciation for everything you have.


3.   You’ll see the world


Immersing yourself in the culture is easier to do when you’re travelling at a lower cost. Backpacking means tasting more authentic local  street food, sight-seeing in a different way  and enjoying new experiences Since you’ll be carrying  your essentials with you at all times, you can hop from one place to the next in a heartbeat.


4.   You’ll learn to be flexible 


One of the the beauty of backpacking means you’re in control of your decisions. It also gives you high degree of flexibility in planning your trip and avoid stress, such that you can go wherever you desire at anytime . There’s no freedom quite like discovering a gorgeous city in a foreign country and deciding on the spot when and where to  stay a night or two.


5.   You might find lifelong friends 


Staying in cheaper accommodation options comes hand in hand with meeting other adventurous people like yourself. You might be surprised to meet friends abroad, and they are often friends you’ll have for life as you are bonded by new experiences and hold the same appreciation for wanderlust.


Robin’s favourite destinations for backpacking


To get the most out of your experience, based on Robin has shared his five favourite destinations for backpackers.


While Koh Samui and Manila are better for nightlife and excitement with their abundance of bars, restaurants and hostels, Kathmandu and Cebu City are more well-known for their hiking trails - there are plenty of temples, mountains and forests to be visited. If you’re going for a trip to Europe, Munich is a great gateway for hiking in the Bavarian and Austrian alps.



Top destinations for backpackers

Year-on-year change in search volume (%)

Best time to book before (weeks/months)


Koh Samui


8 months




12 months




9.5 months




7.5 months


Cebu City


6 months


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Published: 22 March 2019

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