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5 ways to relieve travel anxiety

Psychologist and well-being consultant, Lee Chambers, and ParkSleepFly have compiled 5 useful tips to help ease your nerves when flying and teach you how to cope with pre-holiday anxieties due to uncertainty surrounding Covid-19.



 1. Prepare distractions for the flight

If you’re nervous about flying, then before boarding your flight, practice breathing exercises and mindful physical activities as these are powerful ways to reduce anxiety. “It can also be useful to utilise healthy distractions, especially things that help you get into the flow, whether it be games, music or creative activities”, says Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, Lee Chambers.  


2. Confront your surroundings

A great starting point for tackling your nerves is to confront your surroundings, reducing plane noises can be beneficial for some people and moving your body allows you to release any built-up tension. 


“Positive, realistic thoughts can also help, perhaps think of the hundreds of safe flights that take off and land every minute, and believe in the fact that you can handle your nerves with techniques and support.”


3. Talk to the flight attendants

Communicating with those around you may also relieve some anxiety, “Sharing your feelings with those you are sitting near or staff can feel a little scary, but it ensures you have support on hand and you are not worrying about what others may think.” says Lee.


4. Make a realistic plan

Holidays are costly and we naturally set high expectations as we want to make the most of our time away. You won’t be able to control every aspect of your holiday and acknowledging that things are uncertain sometimes will allow you to manage the stresses of travelling. Set realistic expectations, get organised and manage your safety to keep stress levels down. 


“We all know the feeling of the stress when going on holiday, before finally arriving and just letting it flow away. It is often a disruption to our routine, and knowing this can help us to feel less stressed about the unknown.” Lee comments. 


5. Visualise yourself on holiday

“If you do start to get anxious about your holiday going ahead, seek calming activities, and visualise yourself enjoying your break. It is also important you ensure you make the preparations to keep yourself safe and have these important items to hand to keep you feeling like your doing everything possible. And finally, have some compassion for yourself, it's been a very challenging two years and the reward of travelling is something we should cherish.”


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Published: 4 March 2022

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