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6 Extraordinary College Campuses

Explore the world’s most incredible campuses.

The unique architecture of Cambridge, the sophistication of Sorbonne, the iconic campus of Yale that have been inspiring filmmakers for years… There are so many beautiful campuses around the world. 

They are real masterpieces of art and architecture that are a dream for students to get into. If you’re looking for ways to secure a spot in one of the top-rated schools, connect with a write my essays service. They will help you write a killer admissions essay and impress the admissions committee. 

Meanwhile, let us show you some of the lesser-known but no less jaw-dropping campuses of the world. 

1.   National Autonomous University of Mexico — Mexico

The state-of-art buildings of the National Autonomous University of Mexico have become a symbol of Mexico City and a UNESCO heritage site. They emerged as a blend of modern forms and authentic art that manifests Mexican cultural identity. 

This is one of the largest universities in the world that extends over 1,811 acres and forms a “Ciudad Universitaria,” or university city with museums, an astronomical observatory, and a biodiversity pavilion.

2.   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology — China 

The campus of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is an incredible futuristic build. The sloped terrain of the location determined the unique shape with separate terraces for different facilities that are connected by a network of motor roads, footbridges, and elevators. 

3.   University of Salamanca — Spain

Founded in 1218, the University of Salamanca is Europe’s third-oldest university. The main building spans centuries being part of the historic city of Salamanca. Its facade includes marvelous stone carvings, arches, and ornaments. This is a must-visit place for anyone who wants a taste of timeless beauty and scholarly inspiration. 

4.   Royal Roads University — Canada

This is a public university in Colwood, British Columbia. It’s not as old as it seems. The school was established in 1995, but the site, Hatley Castle, is a unique location that dates back to 1906. 

It is surrounded by Hatley Park National Historic Site. The campus encompasses gardens and Tudor-style buildings that served as a setting for a few feature films, including X-Men and Deadpool.

5.   Massachusetts Institute of Technology — US

The unique campus of MIT combines modernist, brutalist, neoclassical, and deconstructivist architecture. The imposing and classical buildings stand next to futuristic designs, making the MIT campus truly unique.

The school has state-of-art facilities to help students research and thrive. They may also benefit from staying in touch with the best essay editing services if they want to keep up with an extremely rigorous curriculum. The experience you get at MIT is worth all the hard work. 

6.   Tama Art University — Japan

One of the most celebrated art schools in the world has no less fascinating campus. Its sleek lines and modern facade are the expression of modernity and functionality, while traditional gardens and serene ponds represent traditional Japanese motifs and artistic expression. 

Tama Art University is a perfect example of how tradition and innovation can form an exciting and harmonious fusion. 

To Sum Up

From ancient architecture to modern shapes, the world has the most diverse and mind-blowing campuses. Being a student at one of them may feel like being in a movie. We hope we’ve managed to help you learn more about these six hidden academic gems from different corners of the globe.

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Published: 14 July 2022

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