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A Christmas gift guide with a difference

Regardless of what you believe, this time of year has come to represent time with loved ones, thanksgiving and hopes for peace and joy. It’s a time when you think about what others would like and gift it to them. But this year has been a tough one for many, so let’s support those hit the hardest by 2020.



Before coronavirus made the front page, the Aussie bushfires robbed us of over a billion lives of our unique fauna. Give the gift of a WIRES donation, sponsor an animal or even buy someone a birdbath to make sure water is available for our amazing creatures.




A lot of regional businesses were hit hard by the bushfires and then travel restrictions. You can support them by visiting. But if that’s not on the cards, check out the Facebook group 'Buy from a Bush Business'. There are some amazing things on offer. 



Chances are, if you’re reading this, you work in travel. And chances are, if you work in travel, your bank account has taken a bit of a hit. So don’t feel guilty if your gifts aren’t quite what they used to be. Instead, consider MAKING A GIFT. After moving back to Sydney from Melbourne, I was  missing my local laksa and so started making it at home. The family love it so much that I’m making a massive batch of laksa paste, popping it in jars and giving it and some coconut cream to others. Mum’s been crocheting like mad and even my little one is making wrapping paper. Making something is a bit of therapy for you too! 



If your creative skills aren’t quite up to snuff or cost more than you can afford, hit up the OP SHOPS. There are usually some great finds to be had. 



A while back, I wrote about the side hustles many travel agents have had to pick up to make ends meet. I particularly like Barrel Creations Company, Just Landed in the Grove, Anthony Smith Travel Gift Shop and Sirocco Spices and Gifts. For more, check out the COVID S.H.I.T (side hustles in travel) group on Facebook and start scrolling.




Please, for the good of everyone, give the gift of travel. Start locally, go nationally and, when we can, go back across the waters.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 17 December 2020

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