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Americans do WHAT to their water?!

Americans are a strange people. Along with their new orange overlord and complicated relationship with the metric system, we must now add a strange habit to their already odd behaviour (that's right, behaviour has a U in it).



Earlier this week, Aussies took to Twitter to share their outrage and send sympathies to their American friends. Was it because of Trump's new travel ban? His efforts to undo Obama's attempts of universal access to healthcare? His endearingly fact free Twitter accusations? Nope. What got us so riled was the 'trending' realisation that Americans use a microwave to boil their water.


To any regular visitor to the USA, this comes as little surprise. Most Aussie travellers value a hotel kettle. This nifty appliance provides for many a cheap and easy in-room snack when room service is beyond our means. Who hasn't partaken in a cup of instant noodles when on a budget holiday? But in many US hotels, our beloved kettle is nowhere to be found.


We've used coffee machines or trekked to a kitchen in search of boiling water, but as most hotels don't come equipped with microwaves that's an option we've yet had the luxury to explore.


Is this the thong/flip flop dilemma of our generation? Probably not. I'm personally more shaken by the lack of interest in using a clothesline over shoving clothes in the drier. Or the fact that an entree in the US is actually a main. But the Aussies of Twitter care. A lot:


@GordyPls and @LucyXIV attribute the microwaving of water to the current turmoil facing the US.


@GordyPls wrote, "I think this kettle thing is probably an indication the US is a failed state".


"No wonder Trump won," @LucyXIV added.


There are more colourful descriptions available, but we try to be G rated so have saved you from some of the more 'blue' tirades.


And, just for the record, some Americans in their homes do use stovetop kettles, but the electric (faster) versions simply don't heat up as much due to the American lower voltage.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 12 March 2017

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