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7 reasons why Cambodia should be on your bucket list

Out of all of the Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia is arguably the most overlooked. It is widely known for being the home of the magnificent Angkor Wat complex and for its traumatic recent history, but the country offers so much more than many people imagine. As well as its intriguing culture, dense jungle and secluded islands, there are a thousand other reasons why Cambodia should be on your bucket list. 


Angkor Wat


Ignite your Cambodian wanderlust with these seven reasons.


The luxury life on a backpackers budget 

Cambodia is home to a wide range of accommodation, from private beach huts and jungle homestays to boutique hotels and five-star resorts. Not only is it varied but the accommodation in Cambodia comes with a small price tag; it is not uncommon to be able to find a private room with air conditioning and breakfast included for less than $12 a night. Add luxury boutique hotels into the mix and you’ve got yourself stunning comfortable accommodation for half the price of neighbouring countries. 


Life changing experiences

Have you ever witnessed millions of bats swarm out from a cave at sunset turning the sky black for over 30 minutes? Have you ever experienced the sunrise over one of the largest and oldest religious monuments in the world? Have you ever spotted critically-endangered dolphins from a little fishing boat on the world’s 12th longest river? This is just a handful of the magnificent bucket-list-worthy opportunities which await you in Cambodia.


The chance to give back 

Travelling to any developing country envelopes you with a sense of what life is like for those living in poverty. Whilst this often translates to distress in many travellers, Cambodia gives you the opportunity to positively impact a developing country with your presence. Whether it’s dining at a restaurant that enables underprivileged teenagers to develop a life-enhancing skillset or visiting a workshop where young adolescents learn a craft and develop valuable business management skills, Cambodia recognises the positive impact tourism can have on its future generation.



Soak up the rays on a secluded beach 

The luxury of people knowing little about Cambodia beyond the temples of Siem Reap and the chilling history of Phnom Penh is that the islands in the south are home to deserted beaches where golden sand and crystal waters stretch for miles. Koh Rong and its smaller neighbour Koh Rong Samloem are two remote islands off the southeast coast of Cambodia. Accessed only by ferry, the islands are home to beautiful landscapes and beach-front accommodation and there isn’t a wheeled vehicle in sight.


Experience the delicious Asian cuisine that the rest of the world is yet to 

Thai cuisine has reached all corners of the globe but Cambodian food has been somewhat left behind. Once you arrive, you’ll be flummoxed as to why. Khmer cuisine is the perfect mix of the countries that surround it. Between the classic Fish Amok, a thick white fish curry infused with lemongrass, garlic and chilli, delicious grilled eggplant and Kep’s famous crab infused with Kampot pepper, you’ll only soon realise just how much this country has to offer. 


Immerse yourself in the Cambodian jungle 

Truly secluded, authentic jungle life awaits you in the Cardamom Mountains, Southeast Asia’s largest remaining rainforest. If trekking deep into the jungle, spotting endangered wildlife, swimming in hidden waterfalls and staying in remote villages sounds like something you want to add to your bucket list then you should consider booking a trip to Cambodia soon. 


Fish Island


Learn about Cambodia’s difficult history directly from the people who lived it

Cambodia offers plenty of opportunities to learn about the recent history during the rule of the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979 but few people learn more beyond the Killing Fields and the S-21 prison in Phnom Penh. For those that want to escape the tourist crowds, there is a rare opportunity to visit the site of last Khmer Rouge stronghold in Cambodia and talk to former Khmer Rouge soldiers about what life was like during Pol Pot’s regime under which millions of Cambodian people perished. 


Cambodia enables you to travel seamlessly to other Southeast Asian countries, spend some time here and you’ll see why this country deserves more gratitude than it currently gets. This wild combination of authentic experiences, hidden gems and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities can be difficult to organise in one trip; that is, without a local travel agent that knows all there is to know about these places. 


Tripfuser has a team of local travel agents in Cambodia ready to combine everything listed here and more in a trip that suits your activity level, budget and travelling type. Whether you are looking to design your trip from scratch or select and tweak one of the handcrafted trips prepared by a local travel agent, you’ll be promised a memorable and authentic experience in Cambodia. Start designing your custom trip to Cambodia today.


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Written by: Grace Homer, Tripfuser
Published: 19 November 2018

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