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7 tips to make your road trip more fun

Road trips can be long and tiring, but there are many ways to make your next journey more exciting, writes LAURA GRAHAM.

From little stops to major destinations, your fun should travel with you. So here are seven steps to making your road trip something to be enjoyed and not endured... 



Pay attention to road laws and safety 

Getting a ticket isn't fun and can put a downer on a whole trip. So make sure that before you hit the road, you know the rules of the places to which you're going. Not every country or even state has the same laws, which is why we recommend you pick a speed and stick with it. This also goes for when you hit the road with a party bus from Lubbock


Plan out games

The long hours on the road can become tedious if you don't have entertainment, so plan games for which you don't need many pieces or a flat surface. Card games can work. Or just try word games. Also, scavenger hunts of sites you're passing can increase the fun.


Listen to a podcast or audiobook 

A lot of apps offer free podcasts. These can be whatever you're interested in and can even lead to more conversation. Also, if you're the driver, there aren't a lot of activities you can partake in, but you can in this. So listen along to the stories and stay included in the fun.


Go to places you didn't plan on going 

Spontaneous stops can result in the best places you visit. Taking in random towns may be where you find the best shops, food and curios among other things. They might also have things you would enjoy but may not have known about, so search the places around you - and be open to anything!


Take in a National Park

National and State Parks can be great for getting away from it all. And after being cramped in a car for a few hours, it'll feel nice just to have the space and fresh air. A quick hike can also get your blood pumping, which is important for mind, body and soul. 


Take photos and videos

Every state and town will have attractions and photo opportunities. So take advantage of them, and take stunning or silly photos as often as possible (and even if it slows the trip down). Videos are also good for the road because you can make a documentary about your travels.


Invest in car insurance

Accidents can happen anywhere - and can spoil or even end a road trip. So always make sure you're covered by insurance. It isn't sexy, but think about car insurance almost before anything else - and you'll drive with piece of mind.

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Written by: Laura Graham for Traveltalk
Published: 29 January 2020

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