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And the second winner is...

Another bottle of champagne is on its way

The second of our weekly travel quizzes run in conjunction with Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has been run and won.


Congratulations to Keith Lindsay from Impulse Travel, North Rocks in NSW who completed the quiz in the quickest time and then passed the JNTO eLearning platform.


There's another bottle of bubbly on offer this week so make sure you bring your thinking cap to work on Thursday and have a go at winning some fizz.


In the meantime, here are the answers to last week's quiz.


In which Japanese prefecture would you find the historic town of Nikko?

B. Tochigi


Which London train station is associated with Harry Potter?

D. King's Cross


Who wrote the book Around the World in 80 Days?

B. Jules Verne


In what year did the A380 enter commercial service?

D. 2007


Chichén Itza in Mexico is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

A. True


In what European city would you find The Little Mermaid statue?

B. Copenhagen


What is the largest lake in Australia?

A. Lake Eyre


Which of these countries does not border Switzerland?

D. Belgium


This is the flag of which island nation in the Caribbean?

A. St Lucia


Which of the following are not UNESCO Heritage Listed sites?

C.Hirosaki Castle


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Written by: Jon Underwood
Published: 2 August 2017

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