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Are these the ultimate in traveller shoes?

All travellers need a good pair of shoes, and if the shoes just happen to be super stylish and make for a great travel memento, well, that’s just a bonus. 



Who doesn’t love a good souvenir? But such little trinkets often end up collecting dust or taking up some precious Marie Kondo space. 


Enter the adidas Nite Jogger Jet Set line. Here’s a memento that can be shown off and used.


There are six different Jet Set shoes, each representing a different city: London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles and New York. How do you tell them apart? The luggage tag-inspired motif color. Shanghai is neon green, Tokyo is purple, Paris is blue, London is red, NYC is orange and LA is a bright teal. 


So if you hankering for a trip to one of these cities, you can add these to your shopping/packing list or else start your Christmas shopping list in style.


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Published: 6 May 2019

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