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Aussies lost in translation: G'Day Mate vs Cheddar May

Six months. Nine countries. Five simple words.

When travelling in New Zealand as a child, I was confronted by a local in a hotel asking me if I knew where the left was. Used to being asked these kind of questions as some sort of stupid adult test, I smugly responded with, "Yours or mine?" "The hotel's," he said, confused. At this point of my life I was hitherto unaware that buildings could have their own standardised left. I pondered for a moment, considered the direction of the front entrance and pointed, with much confidence, to what I thought was the 'hotel's left'. 


On relating the story to parents (one who has an American accent, the other with a once-broad, now-cultivated Aussie accent), they laughed and explained that the poor sod was looking for the hotel's lift.


Accents can be confusing. They can also be charming, as Aussie traveller Kieran Murray found out during a six month overseas vacation.


Mr Murray's accent isn't what I'd call broad, but he can bung it on when need be. So Mr Murray decided to film some of the locals he met trying to mimic our accent when reciting, 'G'day mate, how's it goin'?'.


The results are a blend of funny and downright confusing. Watch the video above.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 21 January 2015

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