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Biggest Loser Retreat: Day 4 (Deb's blog)

Traveltalk's Debbie Sproule learns that it takes 21 days to change a habit

I chose H2O Cardio over the bush walk this morning and it proved to be a good


From a distance we looked like a bunch of mad people in the pool playing ring-a-ring-a-rosie, whilst singing 70’s and 80’s hits. However, underneath the water there
was some serious cardio action going on.

Next was a presentation by Dr Cris. We learnt about food substitutions, portion
control, how to read food labels and much more. 

Did you know it takes 30 days to shrink your stomach back to normal size or
21 days to change a habit or that it’s time to STOP eating when you have that
first sigh moment – you’re full.

The main message here again was to change one bad habit at a time.


Boot Camp Extreme Training came next. We were just a tad nervous when we
saw Mick, our commando style trainer rock up in his army shorts, army boots and
big muscles. However his smile and very corny jokes put us at ease together with
encouraging words like “suck it up princess!”


Boxing next (more pain), followed by a very enjoyable float in the pool.


The day is full of activities and flies by so quickly I missed my afternoon tea –

Just before bed we’re given a sneak peek at what Day 5 has to offer, I wonder
what Mystery Intervals are?

Stay tuned.

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Written by: Debbie Sproule
Published: 8 December 2013

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